Ghostrunner 2 Dragon Pack DLC, Chinese VO, & RogueRunner.exe Update

Dragon Pack DLC emerges as a beacon of tradition and innovation, casting a new light on the neon-drenched streets of Dharma Tower. This latest chapter is not just a DLC; it’s a celebration of resilience, agility, and the indomitable spirit of the dragon, seamlessly woven into the fabric of Ghostrunner 2’s exhilarating universe.

Watch the new Dragon Pack Trailer now:

The Dragon Pack ushers in a collection of meticulously crafted skins that embody the essence of the dragon—QiFang, QiScaled, and QiGalaxy for your swords and hands, with the Design Qi motorcycle skin ensuring your ride through the dystopian landscapes is nothing short of legendary. These aren’t just aesthetic upgrades; they’re your new identity markers in a world where speed and precision are your greatest allies.

Celebrating the Lunar New Year within the cyberpunk realm adds a layer of cultural depth to the already rich narrative of Ghostrunner 2. The Dragon Pack is more than just a nod to tradition; it’s an integration of cultural symbolism into the heart-pounding action that defines the game, inviting players to embark on a journey that honors the past while racing towards the future.

Today we are also releasing a free expansion of Roguerunner.exe Mode, challenging the Ghostrunner community to strive for new heights of mastery. This update isn’t just about new parkour puzzles; it’s about pushing the limits of what you thought possible, wrapped in the exhilarating rush of cyber ninja action.

The introduction of a free Chinese VO option is a significant step towards embracing global engagement, offering players around the world an opportunity to experience the game in their language. This not only enriches the game’s accessibility but also adds a layer of immersion, allowing players to connect more deeply with the story and characters of Ghostrunner 2.

The allure of the Ghostrunner 2 Season Pass extends beyond the immediate gratification of the Dragon Pack and previous DLC skins, teasing the untapped potential of forthcoming content. Owners of the Season Pass can look forward to not just the current offerings of themed skins, but the innovative Endless Moto Mode. Upgrade to Brutal edition to get the Season Pass included.

Nominated for Action Game Of The Year at the 2023 Game Awards, Ghostrunner 2 is bursting with new powers, upgradeable abilities, traversal mechanics, an expanded narrative, deeper world building, and devilish new enemies. Play today in style with the new Dragon Pack DLC.