Ghostrunner 2 RogueRunner.exe and Hardcore Mode Trailer! Ghostrunner Sales Live

Ghostrunner 2 invites you to sharpen your blade and mind with the introduction of RogueRunner.exe and Hardcore modes—each designed to challenge your resolve and dexterity.

RogueRunner.exe unfolds an array of intricate obstacles set to push your gameplay to the brink. With the new RogueRunner.exe expansion you can now soar around in the wingsuit and slaughter enemies in the Cybervoid like never before. In contrast, Hardcore mode intensifies every encounter, leaving no room for error and putting your Ghostrunner skills to the ultimate test. Complete both modes to earn unique skins!

As of today, immerse yourself in these formidable modes and benefit from our Steam sale, offering 50% off the standard edition and 60% off the Brutal edition. Ready your reflexes, and explore these modes at a fraction of the cost.

Discover more and watch the action-packed Modes trailer here: