Ghostrunner 2 $10,000 Speedrun Challenge

Attention all future Ghostrunners! We are extremely excited to announce our $10,000 Ghostrunner 2 Speedrunning Challenge in collaboration with Prepare yourselves to dash through Ghostrunner 2’s epic post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world.

Starting Date: October 26th, 2023

Duration: Two weeks, until 11:59PM UTC November 9th, 2023

This challenge will put both new and experienced Ghostrunners to the test. With an incredible $10,000 total available in cash prizes, competition is sure to be fierce. Here’s what you need to know:

Must own a legitimate copy of Ghostrunner 2.

Open to players aged 18 and above worldwide, with the following exceptions: North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, and Venezuela.

The featured category in this challenge will be Any%. For you new speedrunners, this essentially means beat the game as fast as you possibly can within the limits of the game. This includes glitches and exploits – if you would like further clarification please refer to the category rules on the challenge leaderboard. Some updates may have to be made to the ruleset depending on the development of the route over the coming weeks – but the spirit of the category will remain the same. Any updates to the ruleset will be communicated to participants as they are made

Record your speedrun and submit it via the Challenge leaderboard here on

Follow the guidelines provided for video formatting and submission requirements, found in the rules section.

Rules and Regulations:
All speedruns must adhere to the official rules, available on the Challenge leaderboard.

Contest Rules

Category Rules

Prize Distribution:
The $10,000 prize pool will be distributed among the top performers for fastest completion time in the Any% category. The distribution is as follows:

1st place – $5,000
2nd place – $3,000
3rd place – $1,000
4th place – $250
5th place – $200
6th place – $150
7th place to 10th place – $100

If you want to hop in and start learning the movement, you can download the demo on all platforms right now!

View the Ghostrunner 2 Demo leaderboard

Challenges themselves are nothing new to the speedrunning scene – but our developers have been hard at work recently building out a feature to officially support Challenges on! Currently, these challenges are created internally, but our long-term aim is to enable users to create their challenges, with or without prize pools. A Challenge leaderboard functions similarly to the regular leaderboards you’re already familiar with. However, we’ve made a few layout adjustments to cater to the time-sensitive nature of challenges and the inclusion of prize pools.

We are aiming to avoid any undue pressure on the Ghostrunner 2 moderation team – so to ensure a smooth process, all runs submitted to the challenge leaderboard will be screened and verified by either SRC staff or Ghostrunner 2 moderation team members volunteering for the challenge specifically. After the challenge concludes, SRC staff will collaborate with the Ghostrunner 2 moderation team to discuss the potential merging of challenge runs into the regular leaderboard once the moratorium period expires, respecting the mod team’s preferences

Preparation Suggestions:
To follow the challenge and find tips & tricks for the speedrun, visit the Ghostrunner 2 Challenge leaderboard right here on and the GRSR Discord server.

Some Advice:
The challenge lasts for two weeks, which may sound short, but it’s ample time. I recommend taking your time for your first playthrough, focusing on learning the game’s movement and practicing sections before diving into full runs. The fiercest competition for the top three spots typically emerges in the final week or even the last few days of the challenge, so there’s really no need to rush through your initial playthrough.

Good luck, and have fun Ghostrunners!️