Ghostrunner 2 Ice Pack, Season Pass and Hardcore Mode Launch Day

Today we launch the Ghostrunner 2 DLC Ice Pack, Season Pass, and free Hardcore mode on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, GOG, and EPIC Games!

Watch the new trailer:

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The Ice Pack includes the following Sword sets:

  • Ice Tarantula Sword and Hand Skin
  • Black Widow Sword and Hand Skin
  • Web Cutter Sword and Hand Skin

The Design IC3 Motorcycle and the new freeze combat effect are also included in the Ice Pack!

Purchase the Ghostrunner 2 Season Pass now to get the Ice Pack, future skin packs, and the exclusive Endless Moto Mode!

Hardcore Mode details:

All Ghostrunner 2 owners will receive the free Hardcore Mode. Hardcore Mode becomes available only after completing the main story. The levels in Hardcore Mode have been changed and each level provides completely new encounters with rearranged enemies, platforming objects, killing objects, and more!

Not only are there many more enemies in Hardcore Mode, but there are more platforming objects and killing objects. When it comes to enemies, we can meet enemies from later parts of the main campaign in the early levels in Hardcore Mode. All upgrades and abilities available from the very beginning.

Put your cyber-ninja skills to the ultimate test & play the new free Hardcore Mode!

Enjoy one of the best action experiences of 2023 and play Ghostrunner 2 with the Ice Pack today!

Play Ghostrunner 2 Hardcore Mode with Ice Pack