Ghostrunner 2 takes the lightning-fast, action-packed FPP gameplay of its predecessor to the next level, introducing players to a more expansive, complex, and immersive world. Boasting epic boss fights, a motorbike that's used both in combat and as a means of traversing non-linear, complex levels, and a range of new skills and ultimate abilities, Ghostrunner 2 is loaded with hardcore action.

With a central HQ base of operations, an optional deep dialog system that fleshes out the game's lore and plot, and the ability to interact with NPCs from the Climbers faction, the game offers an unprecedented level of immersion and action. The level design is more versatile than ever, offering multiple ways to play and more challenging enemies, and the player progression system has been overhauled, providing a wealth of new ways to experiment and grow. With interactive environments, neutral entities that can help you on your journey, and a range of other enhancements, Ghostrunner 2 promises to be the ultimate cyberpunk experience.